Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brooklyn time

So I'm staying in Brooklyn for the next couple weeks, enjoying some downtime between the NY Stationery Show and the upcoming Renegade Craft Show (June 6-7, McCarren Park). Mostly I've been walking around a lot and doing a lot of crossword puzzles and drinking gin and tonics, and I can't complain about any of those things.

But I've also been spending some time printing at The Arm, a great letterpress shop run by Daniel Morris. I always love stopping in for a visit to see whatever new press he's acquired and is fixing up. Right now, he's working on a Vandercook Universal I (I think) and then he's shipping it down to a guy in Texas. These days, Dan's got three Vandercooks up and running - an SP-15, a Universal I, and a giant motorized Uni III. He's also got an 8x12 Old Style C&P and a couple table top Pilots. It's a great set up for teaching and public use - he opens the studio up for workshops and also rents is out by the hour.

I've been renting the studio to finish up some jobs I didn't have time for before leaving Portland last week - some wedding invitations and business cards. I think they came out pretty sharp, if I do say so myself. The business cards still need to be die cut to mimic the shape of the blind embossed border. I'm loving the black-on-black:

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