Friday, February 6, 2009

blog party!

Today I am honored to be mentioned by Beard Revue, only THE best beard blog out there.

Thanks, Beard Revue!

hot off the press!

Maybe your love has a beard, or maybe you just love beards. Either way, you might need this card. Since posting it the other day, this card has become a best seller in my Etsy shop, which isn't really saying much, but it still gives me hope. This guy is letterpressed in three colors on recycled chipboard.

And - good news! - this design has also been featured on someone else's blog, a first for me! Check out the mention - thanks, Dolly Knits!

Burt Reynolds.

A few weeks ago, I got a request to design some Burt-themed thank you cards from a writer who runs a Burt-themed blog. Naturally, I was on board. She wanted something she could send out after interviews and portfolio reviews. She wanted something simple, but it was clear that the 'stache should figure prominently. I sifted through my catalog of Burt images and found this one - perfect! It's friendly and convivial, and makes me feel like Burt is grasping my hand in his and winking. I can almost see a twinkle in his inky black eyes.

I was so delighted by how the cards came out that I wanted some for myself. Holly was kind enough to allow me to print up a batch for Power and Light. Thanks, Holly!
Now go check out her awesome blog: Burt Reynolds is my Fodder.

And lastly, of the new designs, a simple declaration.
Printed in crisp red on super-lovely Crane's Lettra.

new york

Just back from a big week in NYC, helping out my friends at Blue Barnhouse with their booth at the New York International Gift Fair. The show was a success for us, though kind of on the slow side in general - buyers seemed to be more cautious in their spending habits, and Blue Barnhouse needs the kind of buyer who is willing to throw caution to the wind...

While in the city, I got to take some time off and do some printing at The Arm letterpress studio in Brooklyn. It's a really great workspace, nicely equipped with three or four Vandercooks (I worked on the trusty ol' Universal I), a few C&P Pilots, and a C&P Old Style 8x12. Dan, the proprietor, rents the studio out by the hour, and also teaches classes, hosts concerts, gallery shows, etc.
A good place and definitely worth a visit.

new years resolution

Hello faithful readers, all two of you.

I'm determined to make better use of this blog in the coming months.
It won't be a daily thing, mind you, but I'll hopefully be able to update it with some regularity.
And if I can't keep up with it, then I'll probably just delete this post.