Friday, February 6, 2009

hot off the press!

Maybe your love has a beard, or maybe you just love beards. Either way, you might need this card. Since posting it the other day, this card has become a best seller in my Etsy shop, which isn't really saying much, but it still gives me hope. This guy is letterpressed in three colors on recycled chipboard.

And - good news! - this design has also been featured on someone else's blog, a first for me! Check out the mention - thanks, Dolly Knits!

Burt Reynolds.

A few weeks ago, I got a request to design some Burt-themed thank you cards from a writer who runs a Burt-themed blog. Naturally, I was on board. She wanted something she could send out after interviews and portfolio reviews. She wanted something simple, but it was clear that the 'stache should figure prominently. I sifted through my catalog of Burt images and found this one - perfect! It's friendly and convivial, and makes me feel like Burt is grasping my hand in his and winking. I can almost see a twinkle in his inky black eyes.

I was so delighted by how the cards came out that I wanted some for myself. Holly was kind enough to allow me to print up a batch for Power and Light. Thanks, Holly!
Now go check out her awesome blog: Burt Reynolds is my Fodder.

And lastly, of the new designs, a simple declaration.
Printed in crisp red on super-lovely Crane's Lettra.

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