Monday, May 18, 2009

New York Stationery Show

I've never had a harder time getting on the internet than I have in New York City.
I'm taking advantage of some cheap-ish margaritas at a bar that has wi-fi to post this.
We're normally able to pick up a signal at the Javits Center (from now on known as "The Jav"), but I think they're maybe cracking down a bit more this year.

We're on day two of the New York Stationery Show, and so far so good.
Blue Barnhouse is cleaning up, which is totally awesome and also to be expected. Buyers seek them out, and drop references to Brandon's personal life on account of the fact that his blog is technically about Blue Barnhouse, but is also riddled with fun facts about his personal life. Power and Light is putting forward a fair showing - completely satisfactory to me. I went into this with zero expectations, except I was hoping it might pay for my plane tickets. Check! So far I've gotten three totally respectable orders, and quite a bit more interest than I anticipated - leads I'll need to follow up on and keep my fingers crossed they go through, including one very promising national chain, which would really help launch me forward. We've got one and a half more days, and I'm feeling optimistic. Brandon's been a really great rep, and I pretty much have only him to thank for any success I might find in this show.

The show is much smaller this year than in years past - about 35% fewer exhibitors, which means that a lot of the crap has been weeded out. The smaller size, I think, makes it more managable for buyers to connect with the vendors they want, so hopefully it's a win-win for everyone.

I think Blue Barnhouse is probably doing a much better/more entertaining commentary on the show, so I will direct you there:

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