Monday, May 11, 2009

New York Stationery Show, ahoy!

Hello reader(s?),

I was hoping to start updating this blog more frequently, and I was really hoping to start coverage of the "before" stages of the NYSS, but I quickly became aware that said "before" stages involved a whole lot of production time and very little assessment and reflection time. I've been trying to finish up a bunch of custom jobs and, while I still don't have a huge line of cards, I've been working on a few new designs, as well as figuring out packaging and presentation - I guess what you might call "branding", which, by the way, is perhaps my least favorite word in the English language. Even worse than "utilize" or "moist". One thing I have realized is that I use a lot of red and black in my work. For instance, in pretty much everything.

I had a great photo shoot last weekend with the very talented Melanie Brown - I haven't gotten the photos back from her yet, but I know there are going to be some beautiful ones. She set up all these great little moments around my house, using common objects as props. I loved seeing how these items - often so overlooked in our household - were transformed into the most lovely counterpoints to my printed pieces. Things like dried daffodils, stacks of LPs, tea cups, balls of yarn, and the wood pile became integral parts of these tiny poems she created. It was so inspiring watching her work. I'll post photos as soon as I get them back. I'm also working on setting up an actual website, which will largely feature the photos she took.

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