Saturday, November 21, 2009

Full Circle: 365 Days of Burt

It's not often that a person is given more than one opportunity to design and letterpress anything having to do with Burt Reynolds, but such is the gift that Holly Fleming has given me.

Holly is a writer based in Oakland, and she writes a hilarious and often quite moving blog about her father (and family in general) called, awesomely, "Burt Reynolds is My Fodder." Almost a year ago, I began talking with her about designing some thank you cards for a string of job interviews she was in the midst of. This was one of my very first custom design jobs for someone who is not my boyfriend. She wanted to promote the blog, and wanted something that featured the essence of Burt (the stache), and I jumped at the opportunity because it just seemed SO AWESOME.

Fast forward 11 months, and I've just finished up a sweet set of business cards for her, and the Burt thank you card has gone on to become one of my best selling designs (and hopefully it helped Holly land some work).

Ah, the magic of The Burt.

this image disturbs me

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